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An agency, a team !

Advency is a web agency that intervenes to give life to digital projects. Launched in Toulouse, it has expanded in France (and internationally) following the peregrinations of its members.

Choosing an agency is above all choosing a team. Advency's team has been formed progressively over the years and through our experiences together. It is time to discover it!

Photo de groupe de l'équipe dans la cour du bureau
image d'illustration

The story starts in 2013...

Two of the team members have to make a website for their event business. Then they create a second one, then a supplier asks them for one too...


They are quickly joined by a friend who comes to lend them a hand and quickly abandon the event business to concentrate on the design and development of websites.

And nine years later...

The team is now composed of 23 collaborators in Toulouse and Paris for the most part, but also in London, Berlin and even Tahiti for the most adventurous among us.

More than 300 projects designed and promoted for startups, large groups, institutions and associations.

  • Salle des chefs de projets. 6 personnes à leurs postes et une debout pour aider
  • Marie et Sophie en réunion regardant un ordinateur
    Drogo le chien de l'équipe avec un jouet dans la bouche
  • Bureau des développeurs : Timothée, Tariq et Cédric à leurs postes, Gautier en background

All this progress has been made thanks to the team: involved, creative and experienced, taking charge of each mission with professionalism and will, but also with humanity and benevolence.

Because they are the ones who make the agency and its projects move forward every day, let's meet all these profiles that make up the agency:


Advency in the world!

Carte affichant les différents employés de Advency

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