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SEA-SMA Consultant
  • Experience
    3 years
  • Finalised project
  • Work for Advency
    since 2020
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My name is Arnaud, I'm 25 years old and I'm passionate about what I do. At Advency Media, I have been a traffic acquisition and lead generation consultant in the SEA division for 2 years now. From strategic planning to technical implementation, I am fulfilled in this job. Apart from that, I like to have barbecues with my friends, travel in a camper van on the Mediterranean coast, walk in the streets of the capital and take pictures, learn new things like piano, in short I am someone who loves activities;

All of its skills

  • Realization of global digital strategy

    I create, integrate and manage advertising campaigns. I bring UX recommendations to optimize the sales tunnel and website conversion. I really integrate myself as a long term partner to allow to follow the evolution with the realization of regular points and monthly meetings of co-piloting.


  • Value creation

    I assist all types of B2B and B2C companies in their growth by meeting their objectives of generating leads, increasing sales or developing brand awareness. I guide companies in advertising for a better return on investment;

Latest projects

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    Identify targets - Lead acquisition - Maximize visibility

    Randstad Direct

    Randstad is one of France's leading HR consulting and temporary staffing companies. Via Randstad Direct, its 100% digital product, Randstad assists its recruiting clients with profile management, recruitment, HR management and administrative management of their candidates. The aim is to optimize and simplify recruitment for its partners.

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    Identify targets - Lead acquisition - Maximize visibility


    Qare is a French company launched in 2017 that sells a teleconsultation service for patients and healthcare professionals. Qare is the first telemedicine app deployed in France in BtoC.

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    Identify targets - Lead acquisition - Maximize visibility


    Rent a van and campervan in France and all over Europe. Book your van online with WeVan, the reference specialist in van rental.

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