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Tips and Best Practices

The deployment of a web solution is not limited to its design, its development and its implementation. It is also a question of engaging in a reflection on several good practices to be respected at all stages of the project, from the project definition phase to its implementation, in order to give it every chance to succeed.

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We are therefore going to look at several aspects that will allow us to meet the requirements of web quality.

For example, we will start by defining the objective of the project according to the target audience and the visibility we want to give it: this is the role of natural referencing (SEO) which consists in improving the positioning of a site on the pages of search results.

We will also look at the impact that the solution has on the environment and on users, the objective being both to consume as little energy as possible and to make the solution as accessible as possible to all types of users and digital media.

Advency's commitments and best practices correspond to the 5 main themes of the standards Opquast (French)

What are the 5 major themes where Advency is committed?

  • 1

    Compliance with the standards of accessibility, compliant with the RGAA regulation.

  • 2

    Ecodesign solutions

  • 3

    Adaptability to all screen sizes (responsive)

  • 4
    Natural referencing

    Natural referencing of sites (SEO)

  • 5

    Privacy and protection of user data (RGPD)

Throughout the project, these aspects are supported by the team members, who have the experience and expertise necessary to propose appropriate recommendations;

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