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Traffic acquisition

Choosing aagency for digital traffic acquisition is a major challenge for those who wish to conquer new customers and better orient their strategy in order to gain in productivity and conversion rate.

Advency Media is an expert agency in traffic acquisition. Our team of traffic managers, SEOs, marketers, advertisers, community and social media managers reveal your potential through a traffic acquisition strategy based on strong axes, in a logic of return on investment and controlled budget. Our agency accompanies numerous company profiles from various sectors of activity in their traffic acquisition.

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Helping you identify high value-added audiences: Who are they? What do they want? Where are they? It is important to implement a strategy to reach these potential customers at the right time and place.

After an analysis, it is necessary to set up a personalized advertising message for each persona, in adequacy with their centers of interest, and then a follow-up of the audience all along the conversion path which will allow to retarget the engaged users who have left your website.


What are the opportunities to implement to acquire traffic?

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    By relying on the 3 pillars of SEO : SemanticNetlinking and Technical, we help you to improve your Google.

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    Advency Media offers advanced solutions to create, manage and manage your Google Ads campaigns. Visibility and conversion objectives are at the heart of the strategies that we design for your company.

    We set up your search, display and shopping campaigns, and can also manage your retargeting and YouTube campaigns.


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    Social Ads

    In addition to SEO and the creation of Google Ads campaigns, social ads can be a very effective tool to promote your company, to diffuse your commercial offers to a qualified public or to increase the traffic of your website / e-commerce.

    The Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter ads allow you to generate engagement and call to action by reaching a defined target according to precise criteria.

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    The implementation of remarketing / retargeting campaigns requires a set of technical and marketing skills that are sometimes difficult to gather internally. Outsourcing these retargeting campaigns provides the assurance of an efficient campaign, based on a deep knowledge of the tools and a solid expertise in advertising budget management. All you have to do is choose the right SEA agency...! ;&strong>

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    Display / Programmatic

    Include a technological dimension to your acquisition strategies by reaching your core target audience. Advency Media accompanies you in each step of the construction of your programmatic strategy.

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