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Maintenance and hosting

Taking charge of a digital project, whatever the medium, the scale of the project and the technology used, is not just a matter of designing, developing, integrating and delivering the turnkey solution.

After delivery (putting the solution online or publishing it on the stores), regular work must be done to ensure that the solution is updated regularly, remains secure and functions correctly over time, which implies a long-term commitment from the technical team for regular monitoring.

As soon as the solution is delivered and put into production, it is hosted on a storage space that must be supervised. The choice to outsource partially or totally the information system is specific to each company. Some have the material and human resources necessary to take care of hosting internally, while others prefer to delegate this service in order to refocus on the structure's main activity.

In any case, Advency's technical team is there to share its expertise on the subject throughout the life of the platform, and can take care of the outsourcing and offer high-performance hosting solutions on its dedicated servers.

The regular monitoring of the project also includes its maintenance. The technical team in charge of the development of the platform (whether it is a website, a mobile application or a platform) remains available after it has been put into production to carry out patches and updates, to ensure that the solution is maintained in terms of performance and security, and to propose possible evolutions.


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