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Project Manager
  • Experience
    12 years old
  • Finalised project
  • Work for Advency
    Since 2013 (creation)
Portrait de Nagège qui fixe l'objectif devant une mare avec des nénuphars
Animation de Nadège

In regards to...

Hi ^-^ I am Nadège and I am responsible for the projects of the agency. I am in charge of supervising the main steps of the projects in design, and I also study the needs of new projects. What drives me and what interests me is to listen to the needs and to try to propose the most relevant solutions possible, in line with the expectations but also taking into account those of the users. I particularly like projects of public interest, which make sense to me. 


All of its skills

  • Analysis and listening

    Analysis of the entire project spectrum in the pre-sales phase

    • Understanding the need
    • Identification of the stakes, anticipation of the pitfalls
    • Taking into account project requirements and technical constraints
    • Taking into account UX/UI best practices, accessibility, RGAA, RGPD
    • Advice on the strategic aspects of the project design - Refinement of the need, arbitration on the necessary choices with consideration of the users' interests
    • Definition of the team, planning, handing over of project knowledge


  • Strategic support

    Advice on strategic decision making throughout the project, taking into account :

    • The interests of the user
    • The interests of the project owner
    • The added value of the functionalities in relation to the development time
    • SEO, RGPD, RGAA, UX best practices
    • Eco-responsibility and digital sobriety (ease of subsequent maintenance)
    • The technical environment and the digital ecosystem to date
  • Management

    Accompaniment and support of the team, with the objective that each one can carry out his mission in the best possible conditions, always advancing towards solutions collectively.


  • UX UI Design

    As the agency's first non-official designer from 2013 to 2015, I learned the nuts and bolts of ergonomic and graphic design through trial and error. Although I am not a very creative person, my ability to put myself in the users'shoes allows me to easily identify the UX/UI issues that can serve a website or application project, and I therefore assist occasionally on these aspects.


  • Diplomatic officer

    Because agency life sometimes requires a bit of diplomacy, I am responsible for the agency's geopolitical stability both internally and externally.

Her favorites;span class="green">hobbies

  • Animals 🐺🐷🐢
    I love all animals. I love spending time with my dog, with other people's animals, with the Gamelles Pleines association in Toulouse. I fight to save the mosquitoes and various insects that venture into the offices
  • The people
    I also like people! I love meeting new people, and any kind of social activity: going out with friends, doing board game nights, concerts and festivals, traveling in groups... And I have an unshakeable faith in humanity 😊🌈
  • Lifting heavy things 🏋️♀️
    I enjoy lifting heavy weights repetitively and without any particular goal in gyms (yes, weight training)

Latest projects

Discover his/her latest projects, as well as his/her projects in which he/she participated, from near or far.

  • Exemple d'une tâche logiciel Le Manager
    Graphic design - Development - Integration - Maintenance - Hosting


    Management software for service companies. From prospecting to project management to bank statements, control the entire life cycle of your clients and projects.

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  • Tableau de bord du site EUP2P
    Graphic design - Development - Integration - Maintenance - Hosting

    International collaborative work tool - Expertise France

    Creation of a complete Drupal extranet with workgroup, online chat, quizzes, collaborative work on word documents and many other features allowing a close collaboration between the different users of the platform. Our web agency has put all its know-how in the execution of its mission

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  • Page d'accueil du site RIOB
    Development - Integration

    International Network of Basin Organizations

    International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO), together for integrated water resources management in the world.

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Comme chiens et chats...

  • Portrait de Drogo, berger allemand noir qui fixe l'objectif


    • Type d'animal
    • Caractéristique
      Paper towel hunter

    Always present in the office, he regularly livens up the agency by stealing stuff from desks and then running to be chased, or by riding through the corridors with his friend Sirius. 
    Goofy to a fault with the team, he takes his role as caretaker very seriously and fights off any delivery person, postman or trainee candidate who unwisely ventures into the office uninvited.