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Fullstack developer
  • Experience
    10 years old
  • Finalised project
  • Work for Advency
    since 2019
Tariq avec un sac de randonnée, devant un champ visiblement photoshoppé sur la droite
Animation de Tariq

In regards to...

First and foremost a self-taught developer, I was able to contribute to a wide range of projects through my experiences as a freelancer and at Advency. I participated in the development of several e-commerce platforms, inventory management software, html5/js video games and a lot of small missions, debugging, script installation...

My pet peeve is to get into a big project in distress and to understand the working methods of the project developers. This has allowed me to acquire versatility and increase my speed of intervention on existing projects. It also allows me to be inspired by the good methods I notice in order to improve continuously.

In addition, my experience as a freelancer has allowed me to interact directly with clients, to better understand them and eventually advise them in the sectors that I master (especially video games)

All of its skills

  • Specification and design

    UML method
    Entities/Associations model with the Merise method


  • Object Oriented Programming

    Java, C#, C++, PHP, Javascript, Golang


  • Event programming

    C++/Qt - Java/Swing  - Solidity

  • Data base



  • Web development

    Html/CSS/JS - PHP
    Frameworks : Bootstrap, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony3. Angular2/7+, VueJS, ReactJS
    CMS: Wordpress, Drupal8+


  • Mobility Development Digital

    Java on the Android platform

  • Mapping

    Leaflet, Openstreetmap, Openstreetmap Routing

Her passions and hobbies

  • Video games
    I fell into video games in 2005 on world of warcraft. Since then I have an unrequited love for Blizzard. I'm also very interested in web3 since the explosion of NFT and their application in video games (THE FU-TUR)
  • Sport
    I love cycling (bmx, road) and skateboarding. Unfortunately I don&#039t have the courage in winter, fat reloading zone.

Latest projects

Discover his/her latest projects, as well as his/her projects in which he/she participated, from near or far.

  • Page d'accueil du site NPY
    Development - Integration

    N'Py - Nouvelles Pyrénées1 is a semi-public company based in Lourdes, grouping together seven ski areas in the Pyrenees, namely Peyragudes, Piau-Engaly, the Grand Tourmalet (Barèges-La Mongie), Luz-Ardiden, Gourette, La Pierre Saint-Martin and Cauterets, and three remarkable sites, with the Pic du Midi de Bigorre, the train of the Rhune and Cauterets - Pont d'Espagne

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  • Page de résultat d'une recherche
    Graphic design - Development - Integration - Maintenance - Hosting

    Sift solutions

    Sift, your identification solution to find regional, national and European public funding

    View project
  • Page d'une ville du site de prévision météo France
    Development - Integration - Maintenance

    Météo France: redesign of the web ecosystem

    Website redesign and custom development of several sites. In the top 10 of the most consulted French websites, our web agency has acquired multiple skills in the field of high traffic websites (more than 1 billion page views/year).

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Comme chiens et chats...

  • Ina est perché sur une cloture


    • Type d'animal
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      Great explorer

    If there were to be a competition of the most liveable cats, zboub would come in last place. Explorer and conqueror, he doesn't hesitate to put himself in crazy situations (wtf is that word). You may have already come across him on Leboncoin as he loves to get lost in the wild. At 10 years old, he is starting to gain in wisdom. He is still extremely endearing <3

  • Zboub marche dans l'herbe


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      Cute pot-de-glue

    As the reigning champion of the cutest and nicest cat, she does not give her trust easily. But once acquired, she becomes the most loyal cat in the west. She doesn't start or end a day without a kiss :3