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Lead tech
  • Experience
    7 years old
  • Finalised project
  • Work for Advency
    since 2017
Jules marche à l'extérieur dans un paysage enneigé. Cédric photobombe à droite
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In regards to...

Hi to you young entrepreneur, you have good ideas, and you absolutely want a new website, a new mobile application or a revolutionary business application.

I am here to help you find the right solutions for your real needs, and avoid you falling into the throes of unnecessary complexity.

Jovial and serious, I think I can accompany you in this obscure world that is the web to demystify it and make it more tangible for the most muggles among you.

So what are you waiting for to start with us? I think the question is quickly answered.

All of its skills

  • Technology watch

    I am passionate about development and technology in general, so I scour the web in search of a new tool or framework, a new language to satisfy this devouring passion.

  • Pedagogue

    As a technical lead, I have to be able to support and explain quickly to the teams the needs and functionalities of our projects.


  • Binary polyglot

    I've already confronted a good dozen languages, one more doesn't scare me ;)


Her passions and hobbies

  • Music
    Inveterate music lover, I can recognize the slightest melody after two whistles from Gautier which can be fatal if it is an infamous piece.
  • Science and space
    Physics and the universe have always fascinated me, and on summer nights I can often be found in nature with my eyes fixed on the starry sky.

Latest projects

Discover his/her latest projects, as well as his/her projects in which he/she participated, from near or far.

  • Page d'accueil du site NPY
    Development - Integration

    N'Py - Nouvelles Pyrénées1 is a semi-public company based in Lourdes, grouping together seven ski areas in the Pyrenees, namely Peyragudes, Piau-Engaly, the Grand Tourmalet (Barèges-La Mongie), Luz-Ardiden, Gourette, La Pierre Saint-Martin and Cauterets, and three remarkable sites, with the Pic du Midi de Bigorre, the train of the Rhune and Cauterets - Pont d'Espagne

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  • Page d'acceuil de Carrere promotion
    Maintenance - Hosting

    Carrere promotion

    For 25 years, Carrere, a family business, has been developing new real estate programs nationwide. The new homes are eligible for the various current schemes (PTZ, Pinel).

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  • Représentation des avocats dans le monde sur une carte mondiale
    Development - Integration

    International Union of Lawyers (UIA)

    The Union Internationale des Avocats is a global organization with 2 million member lawyers worldwide (110 countries) and works for the fair practice of law everywhere.

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Comme chiens et chats...

  • Bastet en train de dormir paisiblement sur une étagère


    • Type d'animal
    • Caractéristique
      Night Sprinter

    Appearances can be deceiving, and here's a vivid example, you see her quietly posing... But wait until midnight and you'll have a professional wrestler jumping off the curtain rods with mischievous meows to inform you that no, she's not sleepy after a 17 hour nap.