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Cedric M

Project management & admin
  • Experience
    8 years old
  • Finalised project
  • Work for Advency
    since 2016
Cedric en tailleur durant la cérémonie du thé au Japon
Animation de Cédric

In regards to...

I started in the agency as the first project manager (at the time), and as such, I accompanied many startups, companies, associations and institutions towards digital glory. After 6 years of hard work in this position, I am now also in charge of the administrative follow-up to accompany the agency's progression.

I am also a staff representative, with my sidekick Jean-Baptiste as an assistant. We fight every day for the well being of the whole team in the face of tyranny. 



All of its skills

  • Drupal back office

    Many years of practicing Drupal's BO make me feel at home there;

  • Management

    It's like riding a bike, you never forget. Organization, arbitrations, interfacing between you and the technical teams...

Her passions and hobbies

  • Video games
    Rather RPGs and retro games (those of my childhood!)
  • Kitchen
    I cook 8 days a week
  • Music
    Bassist for 18 years

Latest projects

Discover his/her latest projects, as well as his/her projects in which he/she participated, from near or far.

  • Page d'accueil du site NPY
    Development - Integration

    N'Py - Nouvelles Pyrénées1 is a semi-public company based in Lourdes, grouping together seven ski areas in the Pyrenees, namely Peyragudes, Piau-Engaly, the Grand Tourmalet (Barèges-La Mongie), Luz-Ardiden, Gourette, La Pierre Saint-Martin and Cauterets, and three remarkable sites, with the Pic du Midi de Bigorre, the train of the Rhune and Cauterets - Pont d'Espagne

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  • Page d'accueil Haussmann Paris
    Development - Integration - Hosting

    Haussmann Paris

    The Haussmann Paris Committee is the association that brings together the main retailers located around the famous Parisian boulevard. They share a common vision of their district and cooperate to continue to make it an essential part of the capital.

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  • Page de résultat d'une recherche
    Graphic design - Development - Integration - Maintenance - Hosting

    Sift solutions

    Sift, your identification solution to find regional, national and European public funding

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Comme chiens et chats...

  • Portrait du chat Grisou sous un plaid rouge


    • Type d'animal
    • Caractéristique
      Would love to eat a chicken

    A wonderful cat that sleeps all day and wakes everyone up at night (especially me) to enter/exit/enter/exit the house

  • Indy assis face caméra sur du carrelage


    • Type d'animal
    • Caractéristique
      The world's meanest dog

    This dog is NICE. Of course, when people pass in front of the house, it barks, it's smart, it commands respect. But then, as soon as the stranger passes the gate, it does nothing more. It also serves as a horse for the children.

  • 3 poules (3 rousses, une blanche tachetée) dans un jardin

    Croquette, Roussette and Flavie

    • Type d'animal
    • Caractéristique
      Not afraid of dogs and cats

    There is a traitor among them: only two of them lay eggs, but as we don't know which one doesn't lay eggs, we keep the three