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Marketing Manager
  • Experience
    5 years
  • Finalised project
  • Work for Advency
    since 2022
Walid animé qui boit une tasse de café

In regards to...

I'm a marketer with a passion for the Web, I work on Advency's marketing strategy, I implement acquisition, conversion and loyalty levers, and I also participate in the development of the agency's reputation on the market. 

All of its skills

  • Paid search (SEA)

    Optimization of advertising campaigns on Google or Bing or other advertising networks to maximize return on investment and improve conversion.


  • Digital Marketing

    Deployment of communication strategies and optimization of marketing strategies based on market research and behavioral study of the target.

  • Natural referencing (SEO)

    Ah, SEO, the best WebMarketing lever in my opinion. Why is that? Well, simply because it is the most effective, profitable and sustainable method to gain visibility and acquire traffic. It is often a headache to define a natural referencing strategy but as they say, perseverance always pays off.

  • Social media optimization (SMO)

    Creating a page on a social network is not enough today, often a SMO strategy is essential to stand out and highlight the publications of a page, that's why I learned to play with the algorithms of networks to gain notoriety and visibility.

Her passions and hobbies

  • Sport
    I often challenge myself to weight training and I play a lot of tennis at the club.
  • Kitchen
    I am a big fan of world cuisine and I love to introduce my friends and family to the culinary specialties of the Mediterranean and the Maghreb.
  • DIY
    I love to work with wood and give a second life to objects that I recover
  • Video games
    Game lover of FPS and other online games #TeamPS