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Digital project creation

Providing access to information, a tool or services for everyone requires the creation of digital solutions.

Depending on the objective, we will turn to the creation of an internet/extranet site if we wish to communicate on our establishment or our activity, a mobile application if we aim at a regular and mobile use of the solution, or a software if we wish to digitalize a business process for example.

We can also think about the development of dApps if we want to decentralize some functionalities.

Gautier effectuant du développement informatique à son poste
Équipe travaillant sur le cadrage d'un projet en salle de réunion

Expert agency in website creation

It is important to start by looking at your project and to frame it, to identify your real needs according to your targets. In some cases, we will create several platforms (for example, a website and a mobile application, or a website and a business software) if it is identified as necessary. 

Each need is unique, so the creation and redesign of sites, software and applications is made to measure. 


Regardless of the platform to be created, the process is globally similar

  • 01
    Understanding the need, framing, technological choices
    • Kick-off workshop
    • Validation of needs and advices/precisions
    • Choice of technologies (Drupal, Symfony, React, ionic, NodeJS, Angular, ...) 
  • 02
    Graphic design (UX/UI Design)
    • Co-design workshops
    • Tree definition
    • Creation of mock-ups (clickable prototypes of the project), iterations until satisfaction
  • 03
    Technical design
    • Resume the need
    • Description of the functionalities
    • Writing of technical and functional specifications
  • 04
    • Setting up the functionalities 
    • Creation of the administration interface (the back-office)
  • 05
    • Implementation of the visual aspect of the web application (site, mobile, software)
    • Implementation of its responsive mode (adaptation to all screen sizes)
  • 06
    Internal revenue
    • Interface and functionality testing by the Advency
  • 07
    Customer receipt
    • Testing of the interface and functionalities by the project leader
  • 08
    On line
  • 09
    • Preventive (maintaining proper functioning, updates)
    • Corrective (handling requests via a special tool made available)
    • Evolutive (new functionalities, evolutions of the platform)
  • 10
    Referencing and advertising

    Depending on the project need

    • SEO 
    • SEA 
    • Social Ads
    • Display
    • Retargeting

The commitments

  • Project manager assigned at launch to ensure follow-up
  • 100% in-house delivery 1 year warranty
  • at the start of production
  • Emergency contacts 7 days a week
  • Implementation of security certificates
  • Compliance with W3C, RGPD, accessibility and eco-design standards

How about we discuss your project?

The first step is to listen and understand the need.
On the basis of a specification or directly in an exchange session (meeting or video), we listen to each creation or redesign project

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