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The certifications of our team and Advency agency

INR Certification - Eco-design

certification INR de Fabien

It is increasingly known that the design and use of digital tools (websites, apps, software) represents an energy consumption and therefore has an ecological and carbon impact.

Aware of this issue, the agency's team decided in 2021 to take a certified training course, the Web Eco-design training provided by the Institute of Responsible Digital of La Rochelle. Designed with Green IT and ADEME, this training course allows students to learn about the impacts of the design of digital tools and solutions, and to discover a methodology and tools for a responsible digital implementation. It leads to obtaining the Responsible Digital label created by Green IT. 

Four of the team members were able to benefit from the training, and all obtained their certification and diploma: Fabien, Jules, Tariq and Cedric.

Opquast Certification - Web Quality

L'Opquast (French version) site, it's the quality assurance of a website or a digital solution A quality solution goes far beyond a useful or beautiful site: it is a solution designed to allow as many people as possible to access and use web services, regardless of their characteristics: age, language, equipment, capabilities, accessibility difficulties. This is the core of the inclusiveness of digital tools. It is also to support the axis of digital sobriety essential for the accessibility as for the impact of the created solutions. 

In 2022, all the members of the agency have passed the Opquast exam and obtained the certification. You can find the agency's page on the Opquast website via this link (French version)