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Météo France: redesign of the web ecosystem

Redesign of websites

Météo France is a public weather forecasting institution, which has among others one of the most visited websites in France.

Development - Integration - Maintenance
Page d'une ville du site de prévision météo France

Project presentation

Météo France is a public weather forecasting institution, which has among others one of the most visited websites in France;

Its total digital ecosystem is composed of:

  • A main forecasting site:
  • An editorial site:
  • A vigilance site:
  • A site of forecasts/vigilance by DOM and TOM&
  • An e-commerce site :

So about fifteen sites in total, linked together and all linked to a large number of external APIs. The sites attract several million visits per month, with very large peaks from time to time, and a very strong responsibility for reliability, particularly in terms of vigilance.

In 2019, Météo France has decided to proceed with a complete overhaul of its digital ecosystem, in order to move to a technology that is both current, sustainable and flexible, to adapt to all needs. It was therefore planned to carry out the overhaul on Drupal 8, and the Advency agency was selected to be the agency in charge of the new development of all these sites.

Methodology used

On the basis of models provided, Advency designed the technical architecture and then the functional development of the platform on a Drupal technical base. Connections with external platforms were made to measure for each unit.

  • Page ville météo france
  • Carte de France météo France
  • Site vigilance météo France

Project specifics

The project is special because of the colossal traffic that passes through it every day (top 10 sites with the most traffic in France), with an average of 2 million visitors per day and audience peaks of 500,000 visits per hour. This means, among other things, a maximum performance optimization via the quality of the code and the technical architecture.

Each site redesign was the subject of an independent project management, nested in the global management of the ecosystem redesign. We worked on the basis of provided graphic templates. All the sites are based on Drupal 8, the API calls are managed with PHP and VueJS, the sites are interconnected with many solutions including the Forecast API, Tefnet, PayFIP...

The team dedicated to the complete project

The almost daily work on this project was carried out by a dedicated team. All the members of this team worked in close collaboration.

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