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A website, an application or a software accessible to all

Digital accessibility is at the heart of web design, not only because it is now a legal obligation but also because a solution with poor accessibility can lose a lot of traffic.

When we talk about accessibility and digital inclusion, we often think first of access to solutions for people with disabilities (visual, hearing, etc.) and for seniors or those suffering from illiteracy, for whom workaround or adaptation solutions must be proposed.

But accessibility concerns and is for everyone. Creating a website, a mobile application or a software also means taking into account the user context i.e. the conditions in which a user is at a given moment.

More and more, Internet connections are made on cell phones, but mobile users are not always in optimal conditions for browsing : more or less lit or noisy environment, slow or low speed connections, etc.

Who, today, has never found it difficult to consult a content, to play a video or to open a file because he was in a particular browsing context?

These are all user profiles and conditions of use that must be taken into account during the study, design and development of a solution. The objective of the Advency team is therefore to foresee a maximum of uses for a maximum of people by putting in place a certain number of best practices and rules

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