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Qare is a French company launched in 2017 that sells a teleconsultation service for patients and healthcare professionals. Qare is the first telemedicine app deployed in France in BtoC.

Media campaign
Identify targets - Lead acquisition - Maximize visibility
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The client

Qare is a platform that offers the possibility of exchanging with French doctors from anywhere and at any time. Exchanges are made through video consultations with doctors chosen for their professional experience and their relational skills. They are specially trained in video consultation. Qare also allows you to digitize your patients' health records, giving them access to their health data at any time. Finally, following a consultation, if the doctor deems it necessary, a prescription can be provided and the patient can be assisted in making an appointment with a doctor in the Qare network for a physical examination, in the office or at home. Qare can put you in contact with doctors in France and also in London.

The brief

The objective of Qare<<&strong>is to facilitate access to telemedicine for the French. This service is still little known and underestimated. Thus, our main challenge was to contribute to the recruitment of patients through ultra-targeted advertising campaigns while contributing to the development of Qare's brand image and to the promotion of its service.

The actions of Advency Media

Advency Media has accompanied Qare since its inception. We participated in the pilot phase in London in April 2017 which allowed us to test the service with expats on various advertising media in Search, Display Native. The acquisition and awareness strategy was continuously updated with the client's data and the data collected on the advertising media. This test phase allowed us to confirm the interest of the target audience for the telemedicine service. ;

After the validation of the test phase, we accompanied Qare in its national launch in France with a strong focus on search and UAC (Universal App Campaigns), while maintaining Display support for awareness. During the launch, we benefited from dedicated support from the Google AdWords team within the Growth Acceleration Program: a development program reserved for certain advertisers with high growth potential. During the program, we benefited from exclusive access to all Google Betas, market and competitive research, UX audits and a team of Google experts dedicated to the project. ;

Advency Media is the first agency in France to accompany a client in this program. ;

Today, we continue to support Qare in the implementation, monitoring and optimization of its advertising campaigns in France and abroad.;

The team dedicated to the complete project

The almost daily work on this project was done by a dedicated team. All the members of this team worked in close collaboration.

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