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Third party application maintenance for web projects

The proper functioning and performance of a solution (site, application, software, etc.) depends on its maintenance. This means keeping it up to date, detecting and correcting any anomalies, but also adapting it and making it evolve throughout its lifespan from different points of view: technical, editorial, graphic, or even on the aspects of accessibility, security, ...


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All separated into three types of maintenance

As needs arise, we will focus on corrective maintenance, or preventive or evolutionary maintenance.

What are the three types of maintenance proposed?

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    Corrective maintenance

    Corrective maintenance consists of dealing with problems (bugs) related to the developments carried out or to the environment. We will carry out the correction of dysfunctions resulting from the developments or from upgrades of the various ecosystems, as well as the resolution of the problems of functioning related to the various software components: CMS, software libraries, databases.


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    Preventive maintenance

    Preventive maintenance guarantees the proper functioning of a site or an application in the long term. Its role is to maintain and update the versions of the CMS, the frameworks or the various modules and libraries used in order to avoid potential malfunctions and thus ensure the durability of the solution

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    Evolutionary maintenance

    Requests for functional, ergonomic, graphic or editorial changes are taken care of during the evolutionary maintenance.

The commitments :

  • A dedicated project manager to ensure the follow-up
  • Support services and evolution recommendations
  • Support for requests via the ticketing tool Advency Manager (French)
  • A person on call 7 days a week and 24 hours a day who can intervene in case of a blocking anomaly

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On the basis of a specification or directly in an exchange session (meeting or video), we listen to each creation or redesign project

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