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Advency has a strong hosting service, so you can choose to host your platform on our servers.

We provide complete outsourcing and have an annual availability rate of over 99%. In case of emergency, you have a contact person on call 24/7.

Simulate the monthly cost of your hosting!

With our tool below, you can simulate the monthly cost of your hosting and outsourcing;

  • Select a project type

  • Expected traffic

  • Sending emails

    Volume of monthly emails generated by your platform (excluding external mailing system). When sending emails, we use a digital signature (Sendgrid) to ensure that they do not arrive in spam;

  • Backup

    The backup allows you to keep a copy of your platform and your data. In case of human, hardware or software anomaly affecting your data, this backup allows the service to be put back online. The frequency of the recurrence of the backup is defined together according to your project. Backups are stored on a secure AWS server.

  • Disk space

    Volume of data you need to store. The data is stored on very high performance SSD hard drives allowing for very fast read/write speeds.

  • Server replication

    The standard annual uptime for hosting is 99%. However, if your project requires absolute availability and you wish to avoid any interruption, we can set up replication. This is a real-time copy of your platform, on a second server, which will take over directly if the original platform is inaccessible;

    0£ HT
    950£ HT (set up) + double the price of the original configuration

Total monthly cost of hosting

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