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Creation of mobile application

The mobile application is a full-fledged solution that differs from a website.

Compared to a responsive web platform (adaptable on a phone), a mobile application allows you to use the native functions of your phone (camera, geolocation, push notifications, offline access, use of contacts) and also to enjoy a specific experience (augmented reality, etc.).

It is particularly relevant in the case of projects requiring access to these functions.

Image d'illustration
Smartphone avec page d'accueil d'une application, bureau en arrière plan

A application in addition

An application can also be an extension of a website, providing added value in terms of engagement and mobility of the solution. It can be downloaded from the stores of the main mobile operating systems (Play Store and App Store).

It can also offer a complementary service in a playful, simple and up-to-date way.

Advency's expertise focuses on the following technologies for the development of mobile applications on iOS and Android, depending on the needs of the project and whether or not it is linked to a website:

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