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UX/UI Design

Advency brings together all the skills needed to design your website or mobile application. Through UX and UI Design, we build experiences that serve your users and your business.


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Expert agency in web and mobile interface design

The best site is not the one that reflects the company's image, it is the one that has been designed with users in mind.

It's like building a house, you call an architect, you look at the plans, the layout and the measurements of each room and you try to imagine the most functional, optimized and pleasant house according to your needs.

What are the stages in the phase of this expertise?

  • 01
    Ergonomic audit
    • Analysis of statistics and data if existing site or app (Google Analytics access, heatmap analysis, etc.)
    • Audit according to a grid based on Bastien and Scapin criteria and accessibility and eco-design rules
  • 02
    UX Workshops
    • Facilitation of UX workshops (constraint card game, search challenge, card sorting, etc.)
    • Writing of a complete report on the audit and our recommendations following the UX workshops
  • 03
    Wireframing and first tests
    • Technical points on the functionalities and elaboration of the tree structure
    • Design of wireframes and creation of a prototype
    • User testing of wireframes
  • 04
    Creation of the identity and design of the models
    • Creative brief and creation of the project's graphic identity
    • Recovery of the graphic charter if already existing
    • Design of the high-fidelity mock-ups, as well as the Design System
  • 05
    Validation of models
    • User testing of the mock-ups
    • Validation of the mock-ups
    • Send source files to client

How about we discuss your project?

The first step is to listen and understand the need.
On the basis of a specification or directly in an exchange session (meeting or video), we listen to each creation or redesign project

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