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Multi-profile ticketing tool - OandB

Development of a complete ticketing system

OandB became an Advency customer in 2016. Advency then develops the second version of their system (version 1 being a prototype). A Drupal website is developed with a ticketing system with online payment.

In 2021 we accompany them on the development of a 3rd version even more powerful and even more innovative. This version is available since the end of 2021, this platform is in constant evolution.

Website and mobile application
Graphic design - Development - Integration - Maintenance - Hosting
Exemple d'une billetterie intégrable sur un site internet

Project description

OandB (Organisation and Booking) is an event company with a digital ecosystem for event organisation and management.

Since its creation, more than 250,000 people have booked an event on the platform, and more than 1300 events have been created. OandB is now positioned as a major player in the digitalization of online events.

Within the framework of its activity, OandB is at the center of a large number of stakeholders: 

  • Event organizers
  • Event participants
  • Outsourced ticket distributors
  • Staff in charge of ticket verification

Project specifics

OandB users all have different profiles and needs. Therefore, several interfaces have been created to meet everyone's needs, with a complete and cross-platform centralization of data management.

Some features of the ecosystem: 

  • For organizers: creation of events, mini-sites, ticketing configuration (options, promotions, invitations), widget setup, iframe extraction, creation of specific forms, order/invoice/participant management, refund issuance, access control list management, account reissue, statistics
  • For participants: online ticketing, event page, purchase tunnel, options and customization, receipt of their e-tickets
  • For access controllers: application to scan tickets at the entrance
  • For counter sales: direct order taking, order management
  • Tableau de bord organisateur OandB
  • Application de scan de ticket OandB
  • Guichet organisateur OandB Billetterie

The team dedicated to the complete project

The almost daily work on this project was done by a dedicated team. All the members of this team worked in close collaboration.

Our team of superheroes

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