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Development of a software package

Management software for service companies. From prospecting to project management to bank statements, control the entire life cycle of your clients and projects.

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Exemple d'une tâche logiciel Le Manager

Project description

The Manager is a global and collaborative enterprise management tool, which covers the following aspects:

  • Task management and tracking (ticketing)
  • Resource planning
  • Quote/invoice/subscription management
  • CRM management, commercial follow-up
  • Project management, scrum boards, note taking
  • Time reports, budget consumption

The tool allows you to set up and configure your structure, invite all collaborators and clients and work collaboratively on projects.

  • Exemple de planning du logiciel Le Manager
  • Exemple tableau de bord du logiciel Le Manager
  • Exemple de prise de note du logiciel Le Manager

Project specifics

The tool is custom-made but its functionalities had to be standardized in order to fit a maximum of use cases, and therefore allows an important configuration and parameterization.

The access and the fine management of user rights allow administrators to have total control over the tool, project managers to configure and add their projects, operational staff to see their tasks, schedules and report the time spent, and customers to create and follow tasks and schedules. Managers also have access to indicators to monitor their activity.

The tool also allows to manage documents (folders, files, media) and to record and store screen recordings.

The team dedicated to the complete project

The almost daily work on this project was done by a dedicated team. All the members of this team worked in close collaboration.

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