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Development of an ecommerce site with Sylius

Sylius, what is it?

Sylius is a solution specialized in e-commerce which is based on Symfony. And as Symfony, Sylius is a framework which is totally open source.

What is a "framework" again?

A framework is a kind of "framework" that allows you to create and set up the foundations of a platform or its skeleton. It's a bit like a library of features or plugins. Offering generic reusable plugins saves developers a lot of time (they don't have to code everything) and therefore reduces development costs.

As a framework, Sylius has several components and packages of functionalities (called "bundles") specifically focused on e-commerce, from which you can choose according to your needs.

We remind what "Open source" means ?

It is a community and collaborative space: anyone can contribute to its development. Thus, all the developers who use it can enrich it to improve its use. All contributions are tested and validated by the Sylius team as they are made. This allows the tool to be both secure and constantly evolving.

When is it used?

Sylius is designed for the development of e-commerce sites. It is a modular solution that is intended for commercial companies with specific needs in terms of functionality.

The flexibility of the framework allows for the creation of customized sites that are 100% customizable and compatible with business rules. It has a back office administration and a « shop » part that allows to answer to the specific needs of the e-merchants.

Some points that the team particularly appreciates with Sylius :

  • It has functionalities specific to e-commerce such as the personalization of the purchase tunnel and checkout process, the management of returns, the wide choice of payment methods, the management and personalized display of promotional campaigns, etc.
  • It allows for the integration of application bricks (PIM, CRM, ERP, etc.)
  • It has an active community and an ecosystem that continues to develop
  • It is a structured, maintainable and secure solution
  • It is an agile solution :  it is always possible to add new functionalities throughout the life of the site

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