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Developing an Angular project

Angular, what is it?

Angular is a Framework created and maintained by Google. It is structured in the form of pre-coded components which are linked together and form modules. Modules make it possible to facilitate the reuse of code at will in a multitude of applications.

Angular allows to develop dynamic web or mobile applications, PWA or software. Open-source, it has a very active community around the world and a very well provided documentation, which makes it a robust and reliable tool.

This framework is particularly complete since it includes features and services that are already structured. Angular has an architecture that is consistent with the features it offers, making it easy to include them in any development platform. Angular's architecture also makes it easy to maintain and simplifies versioning; The particularity of the Angular Framework is that it is based on a system of Single Page Application (SPA).

What is an SPA?

It is an application that allows access to content on a single page: all the elements of the solution are loaded in a single HTML file, and it is the contents of this page that change according to the actions of the user. The page is therefore loaded only once at launch, and there is no need to refresh it to access new content. This makes navigation smoother, saves loading time and saves bandwidth. In short, this is a very good practice in terms of user experience and accessibility.

In which cases we use Angular ?

Angular can be used for any type of application (web, PWA, mobile application, software, etc.) because it is a particularly reliable and complete Framework.

It is a very well-defined and documented framework with a solid structure already in place, which benefits from easy updates and fast loading. It will therefore be used mainly for large projects that need a robust tool (for banks, etc.). The Advency team will use it in particular for the development of business software and software packages; Some points that the team particularly appreciates with Angular:

  • It's an open-source Framework that has a proven community
  • It is very complete and has clear code that is very well documented, reusable and structured
  • It favors the fast loading of the pages

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