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Lead generation

As a reminder, Nexity is the leading French real estate group whose scope of action covers all real estate development and services. To illustrate the diversity of the fields concerned, let us mention residential real estate, commercial real estate, real estate services for individuals and companies, networks and customer relations, and urban planning.

Identify targets - Lead acquisition - Maximize visibility
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The brief

The objective is simple, to collect a maximum of qualified leads that can be easily transformed by the sales team, while respecting a target CPA that is kept secret here.

The actions of Advency Media

Advency Media accompanies Nexity on several advertising platforms. We operate in test mode, to identify the semantics, targeting and advertising channels that allow us to maximize quality leads with the best possible return on investment.

Operating on different networks allows us to benefit from the specificities of each one. To combine them to develop an optimal strategy in digital marketing.

In a competitive and technical market, the difficulty lies in the search for a powerful targeting to capture a quality traffic. With always this watchword, efficiency, because we work on performance.

The team dedicated to the complete project

The almost daily work on this project was carried out by a dedicated team, composed of an acquisition strategy manager, a traffic acquisition manager and a SMA consultant.

All members of this team worked closely together.

Our team of superheroes

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