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Advency's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We want our activity to have a maximum positive impact on our employees, partners and the world around us. We are working on our environmental and social responsibility and the continuous improvement of our agency;

Eco-design web

Following a work session in R&D, part of the team has developed an extension that measures the carbon footprint of a web page.

This innovation allowed us to realize that the way a web solution is designed influences its ecological impact;

We have therefore established a list of good-practices-of-eco-design-web that allow us to eco-design our solutions, taking into account the ecological impact of the website as one of the components of the quality of a web project.

Thus, we take our share of responsibility on the environmental impact of our business, with the aim of reducing it as much as possible.

Extension website footprint développé par Advency

Eco-responsibility and commitment

The preservation of the environment is one of the subjects that is most important to the team. In the daily life of the agency, this translates into:

  • Very limited travels (privileged confcalls)
  • Preferred responsible suppliers; (servers, renewable electricity supplier, consumables, cleaning products)
  • Commuting to work by public transport/on foot
  • Sorting and recycling of waste produced
  • Reusable material at disposal

But also and above all by our membership since 2021 in the One Percent for the Planet network. Through this membership, Advency commits to donating 1% of its annual revenue (regardless of its earnings) to organizations that actively fight for the environment. Advency is one of the 1,000 French companies that are currently members of the network

Social issues 

The agency does its utmost for the quality of life at work of its employees,  in particular by avoiding precarious contracts, by allowing flexible hours and telecommuting We value active listening, communication and benevolence on a daily basis to ensure the well-being of each individual.

Continuous improvement

A continuous improvement process is in place within the team, covering all areas of our work (design, development, management, work organization, general strategy, etc.). It allows us to progress continuously.

We also devote one week per year to the R&D, this allows the team to launch projects, to do the watch on their sector of activity or to test new technologies and tools.