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Develop your platform in React JS

React JS, what is it?

The definition given on the official React website is: "React JS is a Javascript library for creating user interfaces". It was developed by Facebook.

What does it mean, concretely?

A Javascript library is a set of autonomous components with code pre-written in the Javascript programming language and reusable, which we will use to create an interface. This allows developers not to start from scratch: they will be able to choose one or several existing components that will be used to develop a functionality once the components are assembled. It's a bit like the developer's toolbox.

React JS is specifically dedicated to components related to the user interface that is to say, the Front Office: what users see. This could be, for example, a list of items displayed in the front end, a search bar, etc.

The assembled components form blocks of the interface which will then discuss with each other and share data. This is what will make the interface interactive (users can add, delete or modify it on the front end).

In which cases it is used ?

We will use React JS when we need elements to be modified directly on the user interface. It will therefore be a question of using this technology for complex sites (social networks, e-commerce sites, news and media sites, educational sites, etc.) with :

  • Which need to have animations and an interactive interface with the users ;
  • Which require a lot of change and updates on the front end : online messaging, notifications, quizzes, choice of interface color by the user, etc.

Some points that the team particularly appreciates with React JS:

  • The power of the technology, which makes it possible to create complex projects 
  • The possibility of using it as a complement to other technologies such as Drupal
  • The loading of the web application in its entirety: when opening the web application, all the components will already be loaded, so there is no need to reload the pages when clicking on a new internal link. 
  • When a React solution is backed by a mobile application, we will use its equivalent designed for mobile, the framework React Native

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