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Research Officer
  • Experience
    14 years old
  • Finalised project
  • Work for Advency
    since 2021
Émilie en tenue sous-marine assise à un bureau au fond de l'océan
Animation de Émilie

In regards to...

Creative and adventurous at heart, I love to learn and discover new horizons. My atypical career path has allowed me to build a multi-faceted approach and vision mixing both the design and strategy aspects. I was able to work in sectors as varied as gastronomy (culinary criticism and creation of trend boards), the museum sector (communication actions, creation of scenographic paths and workshops for the young public), children's publishing and digital (web agencies and institutional side) in France, Montreal and French Polynesia. Since 2007, I cultivate passion and curiosity for everything related to creativity, understanding and integration of digital in everyday life;

All of its skills

  • Council

    Our responses to calls for tender are based on observations, facts, objectives, market and customer analyses. The idea: to integrate the notion of efficiency in digital communication and to think both « customer » and « end-user ».


  • Strategic planning

    Creation of inspirational benchmarks and trend books, creative brainstorming, visual concept


  • Spirit of synthesis

    Save time and efficiency: know how to get to the point, understand and make others understand without drowning in details. Stand back: know how to distinguish between facts, opinions and judgments. Fluid and efficient communication: accurate reports of exchanges, impactful pitches


Her passions and hobbies

  • Polynesian dance
    Ori Tahiti is an artistic, social and cultural practice of Tahiti and the Society Islands.
  • Diving & snorkelling
    Discovering the sea bed
  • Travel and trekking
    Backpacking and discovering the world

Latest stories written

Discover his latest stories written on our blog. You will find themes around his profession and perhaps more.

Comme chiens et chats...

  • Le chat Ernest en pleine sieste sur un plaid


    • Type d'animal
    • Caractéristique
      Chickweed hunter

    Ernest likes to chase chickweed, cuddle, play with aperitif spikes and little fabric fish, and take naps and wake up in the morning.