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UX/UI designer
  • Experience
    5 years
  • Finalised project
    +15 projects
  • Work for Advency
    since 2021
Alison devant un pont de briques urbain
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In regards to...

Hi, I'm Alison, web and mobile interface designer at Advency (or UX/UI designer for short). I'm responsible for everything related to graphic design, usability or even the tree structure of a web interface. Yes, because designing a website or an application is not just coloring, it's much more than that. It requires a lot of analysis, thinking and logic. It's not just about good taste or making something pretty; designing interfaces is a real challenge and that's what I love. Oh yes, I'm also a bit of a perfectionist, the pixel perfect culture is all me, making spacing by going from 5 to 5 pixels, trying to master the creation of design systems, etc.. I always try to propose the best possible model for a client, I constantly want to surpass myself and do better than the last time, I also try to optimize my production capacity, etc. In short, I love my job and my agency!

All of its skills

  • UX/UI Design

    Design of web and mobile interfaces:

    • Creation of multi-support interfaces : desktop, responsive mobile, mobile application
    • Showcase site, e-commerce site, e-learning, etc. 
    • Realization of ergonomic audit with recommendations adapted to the project
    • Complete analysis of the navigation data of a site or an application
    • Design and facilitation of UX workshops: card sorting, crazy 8, user testing, speedrun, etc;
    • Design of high-fidelity prototypes, with animations and visual effects
    • Creation of a complete design system for each project (also part of the productivity and optimization skills)
    • Using the software Figma since 2017
  • Visual identity and branding

    Design of a visual identity for a brand:

    • Selection of a strong color palette
    • Selection of typographic combinations
    • Creation of a strong logo
    • Selection of the graphic elements of a visual identity: illustrations, pictograms, patterns, etc.
    • Creation of online and offline elements: banners, newsletters, templates for social networks, business cards, flyers, etc.
    • Creation of a complete graphic charter for each identity
  • Copywriting & Webmastering

    Writing articles for the web and for print:

    • Creation of content for media sites and blogs
    • Journalistic investigation & interviews
    • Creation of interactive contents to illustrate an article: maps, infographics, etc. 
    • Photography, video and audio editing
    • Management of a news web site (webmastering)
  • Productivity & Optimization

    Implementation of tools and routines to optimize my time and production

    • Creation of a very complete Design System in order to save a considerable amount of time during the design of the basic pages and during the customer returns
    • Complete detail of tasks to be done and tasks in progress, task tracking
    • Task management by "Timeboxing" which consists in achieving a goal within a defined time;
    • Pareto principle" which consists in tackling small tasks that can be quickly dealt with before moving on to the big ones (as opposed to the technique known as "Eat the frog"
    • Create a work routine/organization and don't try to do everything at once

Her passions and hobbies

  • Video games
    I love to play, what more can I say: Uncharted, Badlur's Gate III, Diablo III, Civ 6, Tomb Raider, Cyberpunk 2077, the return of the Obra Dinn...
  • Music
    Big fan of the 90's and 2000's. From Rammstein to Hans Zimmer, and Justin Timberlake without any problem; soundtracks of movies, series and video games.
  • Animals
    I love dogs, cats, horses (everything but insects, I hate them all). And when I see a crushed animal on the road, I cry (yes, even for a hedgehog...).

Latest projects

Discover his/her latest projects, as well as his/her projects in which he/she participated, from near or far.

  • Tableau de bord du site EUP2P
    Graphic design - Development - Integration - Maintenance - Hosting

    International collaborative work tool - Expertise France

    Creation of a complete Drupal extranet with workgroup, online chat, quizzes, collaborative work on word documents and many other features allowing a close collaboration between the different users of the platform. Our web agency has put all its know-how in the execution of its mission

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  • Page d'accueil du site de l'ENS
    Graphic design - Development - Integration - Maintenance - Hosting

    ENS École normale supérieure

    In France, a École normale supérieure is a public institution of higher education that trains researchers and teachers in the literary, scientific and technological disciplines.

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  • Exemple d'une billetterie intégrable sur un site internet
    Graphic design - Development - Integration - Maintenance - Hosting

    Multi-profile ticketing tool - OandB

    Website creation, mobile application creation and web software creation allowing event organizers to sell tickets easily. Our web agency accompanies since the beginning this project in full expansion which ambition is to become the leader of its sector.

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Comme chiens et chats...

  • Opium fixant la caméra, sa tête sortant d'un arbre à chat


    • Type d'animal
    • Caractéristique
      Loves licking plastic

    Mimoune (her real name is Opium). She's quite a clingy girl but still quite a grouch. She only has eyes for her "mummy", but gives her a hard time about anything. Fortunately, her mistress forgives her everything, because she has beautiful eyes and is a nice kid.

  • Kiya couchée sur un plaid


    • Type d'animal
    • Caractéristique
      Snores louder than a man

    Kiki (real name Kiya). Cute little turd, except when she has a lot of snot in her eyes (a bit of a mess). She's a first class pain in the ass, but she's a cuddle addict. She's not a glue pot, she's a leech.

  • Sirius chiot assis sur un banc fixant la caméra


    • Type d'animal
    • Caractéristique
      Makes circles when he pops

    The cats love him (not true, they've been hiding for weeks). This beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog is still a big baby but he's so cute. He looks like a teddy bear. His face speaks for itself... You've all already fallen for him, admit it!